We’re Back!

Celebrate in style with Puglian Pleasures

Our lives have been put on hold for over 2 years, but now it’s time to take back control, time to live, to laugh and to create new memories. We’re relaunching our Pulgian Pleasures wines tours and this year we want to offer you more! New intriguing wineries, with interesting stories to tell, with like minded people who share the same passion we have about Puglia; the land, the cultural, the food and of course, the wine!

But we also want to create a new network of contacts to enhance your stay here in Puglia.

We want you to enjoy all the ‘Pleasures of Puglia!’

Coming Soon, New Activities for 2022

  • Horse riding
  • Bike hire
  • Boat trips
  • Personalised tours
  • Personalised chef
  • Pizzica music and dancing

Current Tours Available

Contact us for more details and to book your Puglian Pleasures Tour

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  1. Jacquelyn Snary Avatar
    Jacquelyn Snary

    All the best xx


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