Beautiful Boutique Vineyard

Discovering more Puglian vineyards.

It was with much anticipation and elation after such a long time in lockdown, and living under strict government enforcement rules that limited our freedom, that we’re now finally able to breathe again, to live again and to experience new things again.

So, one of the first things I wanted to do was to rekindle my passion for discovering new vineyards, so that I can continue to offer you the best Puglian Pleasures!

I’ve missed the smell of the vineyards, the aromas of the cellars and of course the opportunity to explore and discover new cantine (vineyards). But just recently I did just that and I’m pleased to say that this cantina didn’t disappoint, in fact, it exceeded my expectations!

  • Century Old Masseria, Puglia
  • Century Old Masseria, Puglia
  • Century Old Masseria, Puglia

As we turned off the main road, we were greeted with by two rows of tall, shady pine trees, that lined the driveway leading up to the century old masseria, an old country farmhouse. The masseria was surrounded by grapevines, which is always a welcoming sight when visiting a cantina! The grapes were already evident but small in form as harvest time was still another 4 or so months away.

The entrance was inviting, enchanting and somewhat mysterious as we entered the courtyard to the masseria. At the back of the courtyard was a tiny little church, a tasting room and a large function room for weddings and other special events. It boar the traditional Puglian star vaulted ceiling which uses the local tuffa stone, beautifully crated which never fails to impress me. Everything was as it should be, as if time had stood still. They managed to preserve the old way of life, yet it had a cool, clean, modern feel to the place.

The masseria had been in the family for generations and the passion had not been lost on Giovanni, the great-grandson of the original owner. Giovanni was now running the masseria and was our guide us on this beautiful hot, sunny, Puglian day. He started the tour by giving us a brief history of the masseria, his family and their passion for this traditional working farmhouse. He reminisced about his childhood, working at the masseria and helping his family with the harvest; not only the grape harvest but the olive harvest, fruit and veg harvest too. It was, and still is, a self-sufficient, working masseria.

We wandered through the vineyard and then through to the carob orchard, an usual and unexpected sight.

Finally we entered the tasting room, which was bright and airy and had a sense of modernness to it and yet, at the same time exuberated the Puglian architecture.

Let the tasting begin!

Giovanni explain that some people are usually concerned by the colour of our first wine tasting, as it’s orangey/yellow in colour and almost looks like a passato, a dessert wine. So, it was a battle of the minds, between what my eyes thought the wine should taste like and what it actually tasted like! In my humble opinion, it did somewhat resemble a dessert wine, without being too sweet.

The wines were accompanied by a selection of local cheeses, hams, homemade bread and of course their own olive oil. Our second tasting was a rosé, which had notes of vanilla that burst in my mouth. Most refreshing on this hot summers day. It was a perfect accompaniment to the platter of cheeses and hams.

I was intrigued by our next tasting, a primitivo which is synonymous to this region and also one of my favourites. It was big, bold and beautiful and didn’t disappoint. It had sharp notes of licorice that lingered lusciously in my mouth. (FYI, licorice is another one of my favourite flavours!)

Giovanni was the perfect host, providing us with just the right amount of information about the wines, yet he wasn’t intrusive, he gave us plenty of space to evaluate and discuss the wines amongst ourselves.

All in all, it was a pleasure to visit this cantina and it’s certainly one that we’ll add to our wine tours. So if you’re in the area and wish to know more about this magnificent cantina, then why not call us on +39 3312576930 or send us an email to arrange a visit.

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