Cooking with Mamma

An Italian Mamma Making Pasta

Want to learn how to cook real authentic Puglian food?

Who best to teach you than an Italian Mamma who has learnt the family secret recipes which have been handed down from Mamma to daughter for generations.

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Puglian food is considered ‘cucina povera‘, which literally translates to ‘poor kitchen’ and refers to the inventive ways in which Mamma used to make something out of nothing in the past because there wasn’t much food to go around the large families back then. This meant many families grew their own fruit and vegetables and only ate things that were in season. This is still the case today and with an abundant selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, this is why the Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest.

Pasta is still a vital part of Italian cooking and is eaten here daily. It’s versatile, filling and low in calories, making essential in the ‘cucina povera‘.

We would like to invite you to meet the family of a small boutique vineyard, where the sons will show you around the purpose built vineyard, which was designed with alfresco dining in mind. In the centre of the vineyard there is a small lawn, a pergola to offer shade in the summer and a table set for lunch. In the evenings they organise live entertainment, food, wine and an enchanting atmosphere which captures the very essence of Puglian outdoor living in the height of the summer.

Mamma will happily show you some of the secrets from her family’s heritage of how to create authentic Puglian cuisine, which you can recreate at home. The real reward is that you get to sit down, relax and enjoy a hearty lunch which you’ve helped to create. Lunch would not be complete here in Puglia, without a glass or two of wine from the award winning vineyard.

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