Ostuni The White City. Puglian Pleasures
Puglian Pleasures Ostuni in Spring
Ostuni, la Città Bianca (The White City) is an absolute, must go to place if visiting Puglia. Its whitewashed windy streets are reminiscent of many Greek towns because it was once occupied by Greeks, along with many other countries which invaded this beautiful city due to its prominent position. Each country left their architecture mark in the enchanting city.
The white fortified walls of this charming city stand proud upon the hillside, looking down towards the Adriatic ocean and is one of the prettiest towns in the Brindisi province of Puglia.
Many celebrities have already discovered Puglia and have bought properties here, such as Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren. Also, the well renowned Italian chef, Gino D’Acampo fell in love with this region during filming of his Italian Escape. Watch his episode on Puglia on YouTube.
In the heart of Ostuni you’ll find the main Piazza, Piazza della Libertà and overlooking the Piazza is their patron saint, Sant’Oronzo. He sits aloft an impressively carved, 20m steeple. Although he is the patron saint of Lecce he is very important to the residents of Ostuni because he saved Ostuni from the plague in 1657 and they built the statue in his honour.


Saint Oronzo Puglian Pleasures
Saint Oronzo

From the Piazza, meander the old cobbled streets and head up Via Cattedrale. At the top of the hill, not surprisingly, you’ll find the late 15th century cathedral, with its impressive rose window, enormous double doorway and Gothic style architecture.

You’ll also find the Bishop’s Palace, built around 1560 with a bridge connecting the palace to the cloisters of the cathedral, it’s just stunning. Sit and have a coffee or gelato and take in the beauty.

Bishops Palace Ostuni
Bishops Palace Ostuni

Head down one of the many windy little streets off this main pedestrian street and lose yourself in the beauty of the quaint back streets. Discover boutique shops selling arts and crafts and local produces such as extra virgin olive, local wines or hand carved olive wood pieces or beautifully crafted local stone. Make sure you have plenty of room in your case to take these unique pieces home with you!

Ostuni really is perfect for a day trip for or a week’s holiday, although watch out for the hiked prices in bars and restaurants. Parking can be problematic in summer too.

From Ostuni the nearest beach is only 8km away and like many other local towns is surrounded by ancient olive trees, so you’re such of a beautiful view on the way down to the beach.


Looking for things to do in the local area?

Why not try our food, wine and culture tour? Meet a local family who own a boutique vineyard and produce award winning wines. Watch ‘Mamma’ make pasta and have a go yourself. Then sit back, relax, enjoy the wine and a hearty 5 course, home-cooked lunch, freshly prepared by Mamma using many ingredients from their organic vegetable garden.

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