Pretty Puglia: Sun, Sea, Snow

Sun, Sea & Snow

Generally people come to Puglia for its outstanding natural beauty, crystal clear blue oceans, of which it boasts two; Adriatic and Ionian, fabulous fresh food and unique towns and cities, and of course, the warm weather.  However, winter in Pugila can be a bit nippy and this week has been exceptionally cold, with freezing temperatures, blizzards and localised snow.

However, Puglia is still pretty, even in these adverse weather conditions and I wanted to share with you just how stunning Puglia is, even in the winter.

Ice Storm

Sun, Sea & Snow

Sun, Sea & Snow

Icicles on the Fountain: Francavilla Fontana

Icicles on the Fountain: Francavilla Fontana


The cavalry arrives: Salt to grit the roads

The 'gritter' is loaded

The ‘Gritter’ is loaded

The 'gritter' in the Piazza

Puglia’s Gritter is ready for action and starts in the Piazza

The 'gritter' in action

Men at work trying to make our roads save….better late than never.

Rosato on ice

Castello Monaci Rosato on ice!!!

Swimming pool surrounded by snow

Anyone for a dip!?!?

Snowman or snowoman?

Snowman or should that be snow-woman?

Kids loving the snowman they built

Kids loving the snowman they built

Kids having fun in the snow!

No school today, it’s a ‘snow day!’

2 responses to “Pretty Puglia: Sun, Sea, Snow”

  1. Hi Valerie

    Love the photos especially the beach with snow any chance of a copy of this one. No snow in Blighty yet!

    Best regards


    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Hi Vincenzo,

      I’m pleased you like the pictures, it really does look magical here in the snow, more so than in the sunshine…. Although I would welcome the warm weather 😉

      You’re more than welcome to save any of the pictures from my site for your own use.


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