Feeling Festive in Puglia

Christmas Tree: Mesagne

It’s two weeks before Christmas day and Puglia is starting to ramp up the festive vibe; with twinkling lights adorned outside the town houses and a large modern Christmas tree in every Piazza. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Creative ‘Presepe’, nativity scenes, are dotted around each town and in the homes of many Italian families. Presepe in Italian homes generally grow, year-on-year, as new scenes are integrated into the existing ones. Many contain moving parts, running water, lights, animals and people of course! Usually, the Presepe replicates Italian life, of times gone by; a working town. Each one is individual and takes pride of place in the ‘soggiorno’, lounge.

I guess because this area is predominately catholic, Christmas is still a religious festival and not quite so commercialised as in the UK or America, and to be honest, that’s how it should be. I mean, who really wants to think about Christmas in September anyway!? Beginning or mid December is early enough……for me at least!

So, what’s there to see and do in Puglia at this time of year? LOTS!!!

Each town has their own calendar of events; mini Christmas markets, live Presepe, concerts, late night shopping nights, art displays, music festivals and chocolate festivals seem to be very popular here, can’t think why!!!! Oh, I almost forgot, wine is usually included in there somewhere too! So, you see, there are lots of activities for kids and grown-up kids alike!

Here’s a few links to some of the local festivities in the Brindisi/Lecce area and in the neighbouring region of Basilicata (Matera to be more precise)……….apologies that some of the events have already started, I’m a little behind on the Christmas festiveness this year!

Ceglie Messapica: 3rd -27th December
Centro Storico

  • Live music
  • Street artists
  • Fire jugglers
  • Disney characters
  • Magic tricks
  • Breakdancers
  • Violin concerts
  • Christmas market
  • Typical Pugliese food

Visit their Facebook page for more details.

Ostuni: 11th December
Centro Storico
La Notte Bianca dello shopping

  • Music
  • Street artists
  • Street Food
  • Father Christmas
  • Late night shopping.

Visit their Facebook page for more details.

Christmas Carols Concert: 17th December
Ceglie Messapica
Chiesa Sant’Anna
Time: 19:30

Get into the Christmas spirit and singalong!
Have a glass of wine and join us at our traditional Carols concert in the beautiful 12th century church.

All your well-known favourite carols.

Tickets at the door Euro 5 (inc. glass of wine).
Raffle Hamper tickets will also be for sale.

Visit their Facebook page for more details.

Lecce: Presepi and Papier-mache discovery.
18th December
Time: 19:30

Visit their Facebook page for more details.

Matera: Live Presepe
18th December
Organised tour by Todo Modo

Visit their Facebook page for more details.

Ostuni: Santa cycling through the town!
18th December

Visit their Facebook page for more details.

Buone Feste a Tutti!

Hope you’ve all been good this year, so Santa will come and visit and leave you a very special gift!