Rezzica di San Vito Dei Normanni

Rezzica 2015

Rezzica 2015The Dardagna Theatrical Warehouse invites you to discover the ancient traditions of the historial centre of San Vito dei Normanni.

The Rezzica annual event is symbolic to San Vito Dei Normanni, with its colourful exhibitions, traditional ancient exorcisms of the tarantula which is expressed through music and dancing, and of course delcious street food. The whole event retains an old folk festival feel.

Rezzica also celebrates the heritage of the Rezza, the wooden slatted shutter which covers the front door to protect them from the sunlight, let air flow through the house and allows locals to spy on passers-by.

Date and Time of Event
13th-14th August

Orignally posted by Rezzica in Italian, rewritten in English by Puglian Pleasures.

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