Better than s*x!!!…..Well almost!

Ricotta, Chocolate and Cream Pots
Heaven served in espresso cups!

Whilst taking in the warm Puglian spring sunshine, and catching up with a few girlfriends over an antipasti lunch, all washed down with some local Puglian wine, I was introduced to an orgasmic dessert; ‘Ricotta al Cioccolato e Panna’ – Ricotta with Chocolate and Cream. OMG, I was transported to another place, as I savoured every delicious mouthful, each time sucking and licking the spoon completely clean, ummmm, oooohhh, uuuummmm. But I came crashing back to reality when my friend rudely commented on the sounds of enjoyment coming from my end of the table! Then she tasted it and we all erupted with laughter, as a similar pleasurable sound came from her mouth too!

This orgasmic dessert was so good, that I just had to share it with you! – I’m not even sure if it’s a typical Pugliese dessert, but who cares!

You can’t fail to impress the chocoholics in your life with this one and it’s super quick and easy!

You don’t need to be too precise with the measurements but it goes something like this:

200g Ricotta
50-75g Dark chocolate
Baileys (I thought I’d enhance the enjoyment of this dessert even more by adding another naughty element!)

Gently melt the chocolate over a bain-marie, once melted remove from heat, add Baileys and ricotta. Mix well and spoon into pretty espresso cups.

Leave to cool and firm up in the fridge. Then, top with cream and a sprinkle with grated chocolate.


Ricotta, Chocolate and Cream Pots

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