Antichi Sapori: An antiquity of Salento delights

Bella Alberobello

Bella AlberobelloEven on a cold, wintery day in Puglia, with a sprinkling of snow on the ground, there was still a very warm welcome from Antichi Sapori. Where Giusy was keen to welcome us into her store in Alberobello. This quintessential, coned shaped, 17th century trullo, was filled with an array of candy coloured pasta in various shapes and sizes, brightly coloured preserves, wines and homemade liquors, plus a selection of local meats and cheeses.

In fact the store was the first delicatessen to open in Alberobello in 1930, after Giusy’s great grandfather inherited the home from his ancestors. Throughout the war years, the locals would enter his store with their ration card to stock up on the bare essentials.

Nowadays, ‘Mamma‘ (AKA Maria, Giusy’s Mum and current owner) produces many of the artigianale goods (homemade), which is very impressive as the shop is litterally crammed floor to ceiling with jars of tasty treats, extra virgin olive produced from their olive trees in campagna (countryside), homemade taralli, jams and conserves, vegetables in olive oil, liquors, sweets, pasta, you name it, Antichi Sapori has lovingly prepared it just for you! Where on earth does she find the time!

Fortunately, Giusy, a mild mannered, polite young lady, is there to run the shop, and she is keen for you to sample her family’s artigianale products before you buy. Which is always fun, especially when you’re broswing for those homemade liquors. I lost count of the number of different flavours we tasted, from traditional; limoncello, mandarino, to the more unusal flavours; watermelon and fico d’india (prickly pear). The difficult thing was deciding which to buy!

Whilst broswing and sampling Antichi Sapori’s antiquity delights, we often heard Giusy shouting to her mother, who was on the other side of the wall. Intrigued I asked if I could meet her, then from beyond a collection of articles for sale, she revealed a ‘hidden doorway’, which led to their home, where mother was busy beavering away! It kind of reminded me of the secret passage to Ann Franks house but this had a more commical air to it!

So, next time you’re in Puglia, don’t forget to pop in to say ‘buongiorno‘ to Giusy and her family!!!


Trullo Antichi Sapori
Via Monte S. Michele, 37
Alberobello (BA)
Tel./fax 080 4321739

3 responses to “Antichi Sapori: An antiquity of Salento delights”

  1. Delightful! I was in Alberobello last June, but next time I hope to find this little shop.

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    1. There are lots of shops in Alberobello but this one is quite special and has a lot of history attached to it. It’s on one of the main streets going up the hill in the old town. If you find it, say ciao to Giusy for me! 😀

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      1. I most definitely will:)

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