Auto Fair: San Michele Salentino 30th May – 2nd June 2015

Auto Fair: San Michele Salentino

The “Auto Fair” returns to San Michele Salentino!

All eyes are on San Michele Salentino, Puglia, known as the “Auto City” after the huge success of previous editions, with thousands of visitors flocking to this region. Preparations are underway for “Auto Fair 2015” which takes place 30th May to 2nd June 2015 in Borgo Ajeni (Zona PIP) San Michele Salentino, Brindisi. If you are interested in cars or looking for some new wheels, come along. There will be plenty of cars to choose from, around 800 in fact!

“Auto Fair 2015” presents itself as a big party, where visitors have the opportunity, not only to find their second-hand car, but to have fun at the same time. Therefore, there’ll be live music, roadside artists, as well as BBQs and local traditional produces. The main event will take place Sunday 31st May.

This event is strongly supported by the car showrooms in San Michele Salentino, collectively known as “GestAuto Group”. They have decided to pool their skills and experience together, to give you the opportunity to purchase the ideal car for your needs at the best possible price. All of which comes with a guarantee and peace of mind.

The most important event in Puglia on four wheels is recognized and sponsored by the City of San Michele Salentino, with a strong commitment from Mayor Epifani, Pro Loco of San Michele Salentino and the Chambers of Commerce for Brindisi and Puglia.

Originally written in Italian by Pro Loco in Italian, adapted and translated by Puglian Pleasures.

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