Puglian Pleasures – A Sinful Satisfaction!

Puglia has many pleasures to satisfy the senses but as with most places around the world, it also has a more sinister side too! So this blog may be a little controversial!

The ‘ladies of the night’, can often been seen during the day here in Puglia. In general, the ladies are of Africa decent, and they choose to offer their services, roadside, usually on a main road in/out of the towns. Their ‘office’ consists of a plastic chair or crate and a large shady tree or parasol to shade them from the sun, and rain. When they’re not ‘busy’, you can see them sat on their plastic chair, phone in hand, ‘chatting’ away, or pacing a small section of gravel in front of their chair, trying to attract the attention of a potential customer.

Each girl has a regular spot, and judging by how many times I have driven by, and seen only a plastic chair, business is good; despite the ‘crisi‘ (economic crisis). I think this has something to do with religion. Why do I say this? Well, if I were to generalise, most people here belong to the Catholic Church, therefore, having a mistress or getting a divorce is very taboo. So, the ladies are just providing a service, and after satisfying his urges, the man can go to church, prepent his sins and go home to his wife for dinner!

But what about the ladies? Don’t they have urges too? I can’t say that I have seen any male prostitutes by the roadside, so how do the ladies satisfy their needs?!?