Warm Weather Training? – Puglia is the Place!

Cyclistresting against a trullo.
Resting against a trullo after a hard day on the bike. Image provided by Backroad http://www.backroads.com/trips/BPLI/puglia-italy-biking-tour

It seems to me that Italian people are passionate about everything they do, and sport is no exception. My first encounter of this was on our first visit to Puglia whilst we were sunning ourselves on the beach (in April… spot the British tourists!), and to our delight, there was an acquathlon taking place: 5k run, 1k swim then another 5k run. Being quite sporty, I was thrilled to be entertained by fit young (and not so young) men competing.

If you like the heat, you can train here all year round. One of my favourite pastimes in the summer is to cycle to the beach, cool off in the sea, soak up a few rays, then cycle the 10 miles or so back home, which is a step climb back!

Manage a club?

Cyclists, Trullo and poppies.
Cycling in the beautiful Puglian countryside, surrounded by trulli and poppies!

The warm climate here in Puglia, makes it a perfect place to come and do some warm weather winter training. So, if you manage a cycling or running club in Europe or elsewhere in World, and fancy some warm weather training, please get in touch and I could help organise logistics: hotels, B&B, routes, rest days sightseeing etc. The scenery here is awe inspiring, you can choose to train on the flat terrain, through accent olive grooves and along beautiful coastline trails, or head to the hills passing through some beautiful unique towns such as Alberobello, Locorotondo, Cisternino and Ostuni.

If you live in Puglia and are an avid triathlete or would like to train with like-minded locals, then you’re in luck, as there are some excellent running and cycling groups here, which are very welcoming (especially if you are a half decent female runner!). Check out the following websites: Correre in Puglia or Fidal Puglia for running and Bici in Puglia or Ciclismo Info cycling groups and races. All the races are very well organised and well attended, however in many cases you need to be affiliated to a club to enter. Once affiliated, they provide you with all the kit so you look the part, and there are plenty of prizes to be had, in various categories, so there is a good chance of winning something!

Happy training!

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