Wish Upon a Star – And another one, and another one!

Meteor Shower

Example of a Geminid Meteor Shower. Picture taken by Patrick Cullis over the Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado, in December 2012. Credit: © Patrick Cullis

It was a little past midnight, and during my final walk with the dogs before bedtime, I glanced up to the sky and was filled with a sense of wonder at the dark night sky and the millions of twinkling little stars. But then I saw a flash of light as a shooting star hurried across the black backdrop. As I was making my wish, I saw another, then another. I stopped for a while as I looked up at the Puglian sky, transfixed waiting patiently for another. It was not long before that wish came true!

My midnight entertainment was due to the Geminid Meteor Shower that was passing earth. Such a spectacular event that I feel privileged to have witnessed.

Did you see Meteor shower? Did you make wish?