American Art comes to Brindisi – Andy Warhol

Andy WarholA great opportunity to see a small selection of art from the famous American artist, Andy Warhol at the Palazzo Granafei Nervegna, Brindisi.  The exhibition opens Friday 5th December and for 2 days only  ‘Nervegna Art & Wine‘ will be on hand to make your viewing pleasure that much more fun!  You’ll be able to sample wines from three local wineries, ‘Cantina Due Palme’, ‘Tenute Rubino’ and ‘Risveglio’ all of which are delicious, so if you haven’t sampled their wine before, now is a good opportunity to do so!  What better way to spend an evening: art, wine, food and music!  Yes, there will be music too!  Although the wine disappears 2 days after the launch, the art exhibition continues until well into the New Year and ends on 18th January 2015.

What about the art I hear you cry, well, there are 63 pieces on display, including 21 pieces which are divided into five sections:“Television”, “Icons”, “Cover”, “Interview” andConsumerismand eight new works which the artist produced six months before his death.

Marilyn Monroe in colour painted by Andy WarholAndy Warhol is probably most famous for his ‘Pop Art’ depicting American culture which he captured in his paintings throughout the ’60s,’ 70s and ’80s.  For me, the most impressive pieces were that of Marilyn Monroe, which I know is a bit cliche but the varies guises of such a famous actress which are encapsulated in a timeless array of colour for eternity which can’t fail to impress.

So, hurry down to Brindisi to catch a glimpse of Andy Warhol’s exhibit, open every day, except Monday from 9:00-13:00 and from 16:00-20.30 (including holidays).  Best part of all, free entrance!  Let me know what you think!

One response to “American Art comes to Brindisi – Andy Warhol”

  1. Great evening out! I loved it.


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