10 Things that indicate summer has arrived in Puglia!

Summer in Puglia

  1. The locals switch from big black puffer jackets to shorts and T-shirts over night.

 2. You need to switch on the air-conditioning.

 3. The first cicada starts to sing it’s summer mating song.


4.The locals place their wooden or plastic chairs on the pavement outside their homes and spend the evenings, legs akimbo chatting to the neighbours.

 5.Glistening red cherries are available on many street corners!


6.The once seemingly untouched beaches start to be transformed in trendy lidos; offering sun-loungers, cabanas, toilets and bars.

Lido Puglia_Crystal clear waters

7. The tourists start to arrive in droves!!!

8. Streets are narrower because restaurants and cafes put tables and chairs outside on the pavements or even on the road for the clients to enjoy outside dining.

9. Siesta becomes essential not just an indulgence!


10. Mosquitoes feast on our sweet blood.