ExFadda Extra Large Christmas, well, that is what the poster says!

ExFadda Christmas PosterActually it is a small Christmas market, a few activities for the kids, a Tango and Pizzica exhibition (not at the same time of course!) and, a free photography course.

Here is a breakdown of what is on and when:

Sunday 14th December
17:00-22:00 Mini Christmas Market
18:30 A Puppet Show
19:30 Tango Exhibition

Sunday 21st December
13:00 A Creative Lab for the kids and lunch at XFood
17:00-22:00 Mini Christmas Market
17:30 Father Christmas arrives!
18:00 Lanterns Launch with letters for Father Christmas
18:30-19:30 Performance by the Children from the World Music Academy
19:30 Clown Show
20:00-22:00 Pizzica Exhibition

Sunday 28th December
17:00 XFoto: Free Photography Lesson
18:30—22:30 Presentation of the ‘Los Guarimberos’ Project
23:00 Audio Visual Christmas Day Party (Yes, this made me chuckle too!)

Sunday 4th January
08:00 Antiques Market

Where? ExFadda Via, Brindisi, San Vito Dei Normanni, Puglia

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